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Due to the current circumstances presented by the Covid-19 crisis, PCRF has made the difficult decision to put the Grant application process on hold until further notice.

We appreciate your patience while we at PCRF determine the most resourceful way for our foundation to proceed and are incredibly grateful for your unwavering commitment to curing childhood cancer.  We understand the need to continue to accelerate pediatric cancer research and plan to continue our efforts to provide grant funding for the latest and most promising life-saving treatments to seriously ill children. Bringing hope to childhood cancer patients and their families now and in the future.

Once a decision has been made about how PCRF will proceed with our Grant process in the future a notice will be posted on our website. To sign up to receive updates via our email notification list please send an email to with the subject line: GRANT PROCESS UPDATES and you will be added to our notifications list. 

PCRF requires the submission of a Letter of Intent via proposalCENTRAL. The cycle to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) will open on January 2nd, LOIs will be accepted until March 1st. If you have any questions concerning this process please send your questions to

Please refer to the LOI guidelines posted in the Forms section below (scroll down.) Upon approval of the LOI, applicants will be invited to submit a full application. These notifications will be sent no later than March 15th. 

Completed applications must be electronically submitted through proposalCENTRAL by 5:00pm PST on May 31st.

Grant Process Funding Details

Funds awarded shall be used solely for the purposes specified in the application submitted for consideration and in strict compliance with the budget submitted with the application. No indirect costs will be funded.

PCRF uses the calendar year of accounting, and thus, all awards will be activated on January 1 of the year following the application, and a contract will be forwarded for signature by the grantee and sponsoring institution. Grant payments will be made periodically (generally quarterly or semiannually) at the discretion of PCRF and subsequent payments will only be remitted upon submission, review, and approval of the appropriate Progress and Accounting Reports as discussed below. Payments will be made to the controller or other fiscal officer for the institution as indicated in the application’s budget. The institution will be responsible for disbursing the funds to the grantee in accordance with the budget submitted.

PCRF is not responsible if for any reason funds are expended at an amount in excess of the awarded Grant amount. It will be the responsibility of the sponsoring institution to make restitution to PCRF for any remaining funds in the event of transfer or premature termination of the grant.

If a Primary Investigator grantee transfers or terminates from his sponsoring institution during the course of the Grant award period, the Grant will immediately terminate, and can be only be transferred to another institution with the written approval of PCRF’s Scientific Committee and Board of Directors.

Failure of the grantee and/or sponsoring institution to adhere to any of the terms and conditions in the contract shall constitute sufficient grounds for PCRF, in its discretion, to withhold any or all funds due until the deficiency is corrected. Either PCRF or the sponsoring institution may then terminate the contract upon giving ninety (90) days written notice, if the deficiency cannot be corrected. In such case, any unexpended balance of funds must be returned to PCRF.

PCRF grants do not constitute an employer-employee relationship between the recipient and PCRF.

PCRF does not assume any legal responsibility or obligation for the conduct or acts of the recipient.

Should the Grantee sell, license, or transfer the technology or intellectual property developed under this Grant, PCRF shall be entitled to 30% of the compensation paid to the Grantee organization as a result of the sale, license, or transfer.

The designation “Supported by a research grant from the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation” shall be used in all related research publications during the period of the grant. “Support by the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation” should also be stated in any news releases about the grantee or grantee’s project by the public relations department or its equivalent at the sponsoring institution.

In the event the grantee desires to transfer to another institution while the grant is in effect, continuation of the funding at the new institution may be allowed with the prior written approval of PCRF’s Scientific Committee and Board of Directors. To obtain permission for relocation, the grantee must request a transfer from PCRF 30 days prior to the projected move. The decision to approve the transfer will be at the sole discretion of PCRF and will be dependent upon several factors including acceptance by the new sponsoring institution and convincing evidence that the new environment and collaborations will permit successful pursuit of the research.

A final accounting of all disbursements of the Grant funds by the original institution through the proposed day of transfer will also be required. Requests for transfer should be sent to the Chairman of the Scientific Affairs Committee at PCRF.

All grantees will be required to submit periodic progress reports as defined in the Letter of Agreement. For specific progress report guidelines refer to the PCRF grants Manual of policies and procedures.

Progress reports which are more than thirty (30) days late will result in suspension of funds. These reports shall be reviewed by the Scientific Affairs Committee of PCRF in order to evaluate the research progress of each grantee. The PCRF Scientific Affairs Committee reserves the right to terminate any grant if it determines that there has been inadequate research progress.

Grantees will be required to submit a final scientific report within forty-five (45) days of the expiration of the grant period. The report should include a summation of the funded research, together with copies of all publications concerning completed research. A summary of the research project must be included for the lay public. The final grant payment shall be made only after the receipt by PCRF of a satisfactory final research report and a satisfactory final accounting report.

Please utilize these resources to streamline your grant process.

• The financial officer of the sponsoring institution must submit periodic reports detailing how the grant funds were expended during the appropriate time period as set forth by PCRF. These reports shall be submitted semi-annually, within forty-five (45) days after the end of the requested time period. In addition, the sponsoring institution also agrees to submit a cumulative final accounting immediately upon completion or termination of the grant. The final grant payment shall be made only after the receipt and acceptance by PCRF of a final research and accounting report. Any requests for payment made more than ninety (90) days after the conclusion of the Grant will not be honored.


Grant Timeline

January 2nd         Cycle opens for Letter of Intent submission

March 1st              Letter of Intent – deadline

March 15th           Applicants are invited to submit grant application

May 31st               Grant application – deadline

Early June          Applications sent to outside review

August 2nd           Outside reviewer – deadline

September         Scientific Advisory Committee meeting

October              PCRF Board Meeting

November          Applicants contacted requiring funding

December          Letter of agreement signed

January 1st       Grant start date

*Completed applications must be electronically submitted through proposalCENTRAL by 5:00pm PST on May 31,

All applications are considered confidential and are available to the members of Scientific Affairs Committee, the Scientific Review Committee and PCRF administrative personnel only.


Our Grant LevelsGrant Procedures, and Funding Process is available here on this website. Contact us for questions relating to the granting process.

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