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Terminally ill children and their families need your help. There are nearly as many ways to help save children from childhood cancer as there are types of cancer that they need to be saved from. Did you know that a child and their family receive a heartbreaking cancer diagnosis every two minutes? Approximately 300,000 children under age 19 are diagnosed with cancer each year, and that of the lucky ones who survive, two-thirds suffer from long-lasting chronic conditions as a result of the treatment that saved them?

The doctors and researchers who work with PCRF are fighting to change this. PCRF fights to find a cure. Fights for survivors of pediatric cancer to live a life free from debilitating health problems caused by treatments. That’s why we need your support. Pediatric cancer research is notoriously underfunded and these children are desperately in need of champions like you.

In the world of pediatric cancer, there is much work to be done and everyone can be a part of the solution.  Everyone has something to give! PCRF makes it easy for you to contribute. Learn more about the many ways you can help children and families fighting childhood cancer today, and those who are yet to receive the devastating news no family wants to hear.  Together we can make a difference.

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Your gift does more than give hope. Your gift has the power to save lives. Hearing a childhood cancer diagnosis is as hard as it gets, but donating is easy. PCRF provides multiple ways for you to help children and families RIGHT NOW.

DIY Fundraising

Want to do more? PCRF provides opportunities for you to create your own fundraiser in support of children and families who are fighting for their lives. Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under 19, but your efforts can help change that.

Peter’s Story:

“Am I going to die?” No parent ever wants to hear that question from their child. I asked my parents that question on January 4, 2012. I laid in a dimly lit hospital room, nauseous. Inside my head I was screaming, throwing chairs at the wall. The blood drained from my mom’s face, and my dad was frozen in shock. That was the first time I saw my dad cry. Everything in the room seemed suspended in terror.


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