powering cures, realizing futures

Making Futures Possible


Fund research to power cures that reduce the percentage of children who perish from cancer until that number reaches zero.


Make it possible for all children facing childhood cancer to beat their disease and achieve their full potential so they can realize happy, healthy, productive futures.


To raise funds to accelerate scientific breakthroughs that transform pediatric cancer care so kids with cancer can spread their wings and soar.

Who We Are

Since 1982, the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) has been chasing one ambitious goal: to make it possible for all children facing childhood cancer to beat their disease and realize their full potential. We will achieve this by powering cures where none exist and giving rise to less toxic regimens that have fewer side effects.

While the challenge is huge, we are both optimistic and determined. We have invested more than $58 million in pediatric cancer research and contributed to groundbreaking advances in treatment. Moving forward, we are energized about using our insights, experience and leadership to uncover promising new directions and drive momentum in pediatric cancer research.

We know that meaningful progress relies on investing in high-potential research that advances the learning cycle and yields new insights. We know, too, that achieving breakthroughs means championing and nurturing the researchers who are moving science forward every day. By working together — with the research community, our partners and kind-hearted supporters — we are giving flight to the progress that will help transform pediatric cancer care.

How We Are Different

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation exists for one reason only: to power cures that reduce the percentage of children who perish from cancer until that number reaches zero.

We believe our funding approach makes us unique:

  • We fund researchers across the country who we deem can make the greatest impact. They are selected precisely because their ideas are fresh, audacious and offer potential for pushing boundaries.

  • Our focus on providing emerging research and translational grants allows researchers to prove their ideas, then reach for even larger grants. This is critical because federal funding is not available to researchers until they can demonstrate preliminary data to prove something should advance. Without this essential early-stage money, some great ideas could be lost forever. PCRF harvests these learnings and helps fast track their progress through the scientific cycle.

Because of our emphasis and unique style of collaboration, PCRF is helping to cultivate a generation of researchers who are changing the trajectory of pediatric treatment and diagnosis. A nimble, compassionate and determined ally, PCRF has launched careers, cures and even companies – and we are just getting started!

Young scientist in uniform looking at microscope

Our Impact: Research That Gets Results

Because of research, the cancer death rate has decreased more dramatically for children than any other age group.
Below are innovations that have been advanced with PCRF funding:

We were pivotal in curing advanced mature B-NHL in children and adolescents and in reducing their toxic exposure and length of therapy. The result: they can lead healthier lives in the future and spend less time in the hospital while receiving therapy.

PCRF funded development of a new treatment approach pairing genetic engineering with immunotherapies and launched the first in-human protocol using T cells to target Leukemia.

This groundbreaking work proved that when CAR-T cells are infused back into the same patient, they can mount full-blown immune attacks on tumor cells. It also contributed to state-of-the-art therapies weaponizing the body’s immune system that are at the forefront of immuno-oncology today.

Our funding demonstrated the potential for immunotherapy to treat osteosarcoma, offering one of the only new treatments in almost 20 years. The breakthrough led to new treatments for adolescent and young adult patients who previously had no options.

PCRF funded diagnostic tests that predict which patients are likely to respond positively to the intensive treatment to JMML. This risk stratification allows for treatment decisions to be optimized, giving patients a higher likelihood of success in a disease with 50% survival rate.

Since 2008, PCRF funding has advanced treatments for children with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and builds on the insight that a protein called CREB is overproduced in AML patients. Research has focused on developing newer and better drugs to block CREB – causing AML cells to die. One drug is now in Phase 1 Trials.

History of Our Research Grants

Over the past four decades, we have been at the vanguard of identifying and stewarding promising research. While we are a bit wistful that there is so much more to learn to beat the diseases that continue to rob children of their childhood, we are super charged to do more and with greater urgency. That starts with generating the funding pediatric cancer research needs to accelerate new treatment breakthroughs, to support the next generation of researchers and to uncover promising new directions. We like contributing to history – and with your help we will continue to rewrite it.

The Behind the Scenes Team