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Urgent Mission:
accelerate new cures for pediatric cancers
More children are lost to cancers than any other disease.
You can save lives by funding research today.
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Oncology Families! Join us for a day in the great outdoors far away from pokes and treatments. The day will be packed with fun activities like carnival rides, a petting zoo and more!
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Why You’re Crucial to Accelerating Progress

Pediatric cancer research receives a minute fraction of the dollars allocated to adult cancer research.

The largest single funder, the Federal Government, invests just 4% of its annual cancer research budget in childhood cancer — that is less than $3.00 per child.

Researchers rely on private philanthropies like us to fund at least half of all childhood cancer research,
but resources limit our impact. In 2022, because of our own funding scarcity,
we were only able to fund 3.8 percent of every grant application rated outstanding.

Fund innovation and become part of the
breakthroughs that will save lives.

* Approximately $220M goes to children’s research out of an annual $5B cancer research budget. (Source: Coalition Against Childhood Cancer)

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Who You're Helping

Courageous Childhood Cancer Patients

Meet Teddie

When Teddie was three she went in for a routine  MRI to explore the potential cause of some headaches. When the doctors emerged, they revealed the cause – she had an astrocytoma, a brain tumor.

Teddie had a brain tumor biopsy and chiari malformation surgery where the top vertebrae of her spine was removed to relieve pressure on the tumor. Over the 379 days, Teddie endured 33 chemotherapy treatments, six middle-of-the-night trips to the ER, and three bouts in the PICU. Finally, Teddie’s body could no longer withstand treatments and she was moved to the “wait and watch” stage. Today she is living life as normally as she can – hoping that the tumor disappears or that it does not grow or change at all so she can live a long, happy life with no side effects.


How You're Helping

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More than 232 medical research grants

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44 institutions

Laurence Cooper

“PCRF stands by its research partners as days turn into years and stomach-churning disappointments alternate with exhilarating wins. It is because of their commitment,
optimism and belief that the world of pediatric cancer care will be dramatically improved.”

~ Laurence Cooper, MD

“As usual, PCRF was the first to fund the early-stage work that has just received NIH funding for a clinical trial. The holy grail is to start with private funding that allows for follow-on federal funding. Mission accomplished in that sense!”

~ Elliot Stieglitz, MD
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital


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News about the people, companies and events standing up for research

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Insights and updates on the people and science advancing pediatric cancer care

Ways You Can Help

There are nearly as many ways to support children with cancer as there are types
of pediatric cancers that need cures.
Please explore below to find the activities that are right for you.