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Because of research, the cancer death rate has decreased more dramatically for children than for any other age group.

Founded in 1982 by physicians, parents and community leaders, Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) has raised over $47 Million for cancer research. This represents the persistent hard work of physicians, researchers, volunteers, staff and community partners who are dedicated to the health of our future generation—our children. Our mission has expanded over the course of time: We identify and fund leading edge researchers that promises the best hope for a cure of childhood cancer.

At the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, our vision continues to be – Eliminate childhood cancer through leading edge research.

PCRF is a pioneer in fighting pediatric cancer. Since our inception, through our funding of emerging research we have made a positive impact in improving childhood cancer survival rates from 10% to over 80%. Breakthrough research has helped improve cancer survival rates more dramatically for children than for any other age group. However, there are still childhood cancers that have not had the same results – many aggressive cancers continue to devastate families and rob children of their childhoods. There is still much to be done and our sense of urgency is greater than ever.

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children in the US will be newly diagnosed with cancer in 2018

1 in 4

Elementary schools has a child with cancer

2 Students

The average High School has 2 students who are current or former cancer patients

Global Research Advancement

PCRF proudly hosts the International Symposium on Childhood, Adolescent and Young Adult Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

International Symposium on Childhood

Designed to present the latest scientific and clinical advances in childhood, adolescent, and young adult NHL, NHL biopathology, NHL genomics, stem cell transplantation, and immunobiology, this conference fosters the most exciting advancements in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Funding Life-Saving Research

Funding Life-Saving Research

Because of Research the cancer
death rate has dropped more
dramatically for children than
for any other age group

For the kids.
For their families.
We stand vigil when they
need help keeping hope alive.

Upcoming Events

Given the new recommendations of the CDC and Health Department guidelines, the signature events of PCRF will be presenting new formats to support and advance pediatric cancer research!  Your “participation” is more important than ever as we navigate these extraordinary circumstances.  Thank you for walking this path with us to fund research offering the best hope for a cure to childhood cancer.

Dream Discover Cure Golf Event

June 17 @ 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Dribble for the Cure at UCLA

October 10 @ 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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Cancer Research Grants

We Raise Money for Research that Saves Lives

As a dedicated Childhood Cancer Research Charity, PCRF works directly with doctors, researchers, and nurses to identify the specific challenges they face in bringing new treatments to and caring for children with cancer. Our grants allow doctors and nurses to bring the latest and most promising life-saving treatments to seriously ill children.

Meet Our Warriors

Cancer Warriors are the children and families who have a personal story to tell because they have been on the front lines fighting this disease and fighting for their lives.  They know better than anyone how a cure for childhood cancer can change the world.

Each of the Cancer Warriors have had to battle malignant disease and face the challenges of treatments, side effects, and after effects of childhood cancer.  Reading their stories will give you a window into the lives of the people you whose worlds you will help change when you offer your support.  By donating in their honor you help the children and families yet to be diagnosed.  Your gift gives hope!

Meet Our Researchers

Our researchers are M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s who are passionately motivated to give children and families hope for a future without childhood cancer through the success of pediatric cancer research. They are conducting research in Stem Cell Transportation, Stem Cell Biology, Molecular Oncology, Molecular and Cellular Genetics and more.

Ways to Help

Terminally ill children and their families need your help. There are nearly as many ways to help save children from childhood cancer as there are types of cancer that they need to be saved from. Did you know that a child and their family receive a heartbreaking cancer diagnosis every two minutes? Approximately 300,000 children under age 19 are diagnosed with cancer each year, and that of the lucky ones who survive, two-thirds suffer from long-lasting chronic conditions as a result of the treatment that saved them?

The doctors and researchers who work with PCRF are fighting to change this. PCRF fights to find a cure. Fights for survivors of pediatric cancer to live a life free from debilitating health problems caused by treatments. That’s why we need your support. Pediatric cancer research is notoriously underfunded and these children are desperately in need of champions like you.

In the world of pediatric cancer, there is much work to be done and everyone can be a part of the solution.  Everyone has something to give! PCRF makes it easy for you to contribute. Learn more about the many ways you can help children and families fighting childhood cancer today, and those who are yet to receive the devastating news no family wants to hear.  Together we can make a difference.


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Thank you to our PARTNERS

We’d like to thank our partners for all they do to help advance research for childhood cancer. We’d like you to thank them too. Contribute to the cause by supporting these companies who help us make a world free of childhood cancer more than just a pipe dream.

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Children make up 10% of our cancer population, but they are 100% of our future! ~ Dr. Alex Huang, Case Western