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Meet Dribble for the Cure Honorary Team Captain, Harmon

UCLA Athletics - 2019 Dribble for the Cure with the UCLA Men's and Women's Basketball teams, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

PCRF welcomes Harmon in his first year as a Dribble for the Cure Honorary Team Captain. Harmon is an active, funny, spirited, social firecracker of a little guy who is 3 years old. Harmy, as his family and friends call him, was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma at 2 years old.  He completed 43 weeks of chemotherapy and 8 radiation treatments as well as five surgeries to remove his nasopharyngeal tumor, implant his port and confirm that his cancer had not spread.  Harmon is in the final few months of his Maintenance Chemotherapy treatments.

Because of treatments, Harmon was pulled from preschool and constantly begs to go to school every day.  He loves to go to his big brother’s basketball, soccer, and baseball games and gets very competitive on the sidelines!  He loves people and making friends.  He’s a natural comedian who loves to make others laugh. The chemotherapy has presented walking challenges, but he doesn’t break stride when he trips; he just gets right back up and doesn’t let cancer slow him down.

Rhabdomyosarcoma is a very aggressive, rare cancer affecting one in a million kids. “We’ve gone from 20% chance to 50-60% chance of survival. You can get lost in statistics until you look at your own child and decide with an unshakable faith that he is going to make it.  This has been the hardest year of our family’s lives,” Harmon’s mom said.

“Cancer presents challenges that are unimaginable, but our Harmy is very special and a fighter.  He has a light inside him that gives people joy.  He is a gift and I believe him when he says he can dunk a basketball (he MIGHT be jumping off the couch sinking a basket attached to the back of our front door) and look forward to the day I see him on a real basketball court doing just that!  Thank you UCLA Bruins for shining a light on our kids fighting pediatric cancer for the privilege of living their best lives each day!  Today, Harmon told me he isn’t going to heaven yet and he is going to stay with us.  I believe him when he says that too.  Go Harmy! We love you to the moon and back again!”

PCRF was honored to welcome Harmon in his first year as a Dribble for the Cure Honorary Captain. Join Harmon and other patients and families next year at the 13th Annual Dribble for the Cure at UCLA.