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Clark Taylor

At the tender age of two, Clark Taylor was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare but serious eye cancer that affects young children, mainly under 5 years of age. When multiple rounds of chemo didn’t address the cancer, Clark’s left eye was removed just a few days after his third birthday. They didn’t know at the time that his type of retinoblastoma wouldn’t respond to chemo. However, because Clark was participating in a double-blind study that tested the fluid surrounding the tumor to determine treatment efficacy, physicians know more today. The family is gratified that Clark’s experience in the trial means doctors will be better informed about treating other kids and will know to skip chemo and go straight to the enucleation if they have his type of tumor.

Clark has been cancer-free for about three years. He is a spirited and courageous 5-year-old with a dazzling smile and a lot to look forward to.



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