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Audrey Coon

Audrey was three years old when she was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma.

Audrey was taken to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital Orange County because of a headache. The CT scan showed a brain tumor and she was admitted to the ICU. The tumor located at the back of her brain measured 3.9 centimeters and was causing an increase in pressure in the brain, known as hydrocephalus. The MRI scan that followed also revealed a 3.2 centimeter arterial venous malformation, known as an AVM, in her temporal lobe that would typically lead to cranial bleeding if not found and removed in time. Audrey underwent surgery and the entire tumor was successfully removed. Doctors held off on starting Audrey’s treatment to address the AVM and she experienced yet another surgery – this time in Phoenix, by the best surgical team available – followed by a stem cell transplant.

Today, Audrey is a happy, cancer- free nine-year-old who still lives with the daily affects of her treatment. She endures frequent headaches, exhaustion and many emotional struggles that are difficult for her to express. She enjoys dancing, baking and would love to become a teacher or pediatrician when she grows up. She adores her older brother, Blake, who has been by her side through this journey.

She was treated by Dr. Ashley Plant-Fox, a PCRF researcher.

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