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Aristotle Jones

Aristotle Jones survived his bout of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) after three and a half years of chemotherapy. Diagnosed during his senior year of high school, Aristotle’s life took a major detour while he underwent treatment. He considers himself lucky to have been cared for by a talented team at City of Hope in Duarte who helped him progress throughout his entire treatment protocol.  

Once cured, Aristotle finished high school and graduated from Chapman University with two B.S. degrees in Accounting and Finance and an M.S. in Accounting. He was hired as a tax consultant at Deloitte, a long-time PCRF supporter, and quickly found himself becoming head of Deloitte’s Reaching for the Cure employee team.  

Thankful and energized, today, Aristotle seizes every chance to talk about his experience and passionately advocates for research funding. He understands that while much progress has been made in ALL, the most common of all pediatric cancers, there is still a long road ahead.  New treatments are needed for children who relapse and to help children diagnosed with the many other cancers for which breakthroughs remain elusive.

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