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Team Building + Giving Back is the Combination for Success

By Erin Arreola, Director of Special Events
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Building strong morale in the workplace is hugely beneficial to thriving businesses. Experts agree that when morale is high, there is a direct correlation to increased productivity, efficiencies, and retention. While there are many ways company execs look to boost morale, team-building activities can be the source of fostering meaningful and open communication among peers, supports problem-solving, and keep those creative juices flowing!

Combine all of that with Giving Back and… boom!

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation’s Reaching for the Cure Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, 1K Kids Run has become an annual opportunity for corporate organizations to come together and recalibrate for the year.

Of the hundreds of teams that join the Reaching for the Cure, corporate teams are becoming increasingly prevalent as valued partners in the fight against childhood cancer, and it’s easy to see why:

1. Nothing brings people together like helping others.

The Reaching for the Cure event offers a feel-good opportunity for employees to work together towards a common goal outside the office while supporting an impactful organization like PCRF. This boost in company morale gives employees the chance to bond and feel more engaged at work.

2. The Reaching for the Cure is turnkey. 

Sometimes not knowing where to start is the biggest hurdle for businesses looking to make an impact in their community. PCRF has made the Reaching for the Cure event as turnkey as possible, allowing corporate teams to jump right in with a toolbox of resources that tailor the experience to mirror your company culture.

3. Hybrid experiences are the new essentials for companies looking to get employees involved from wherever they are.

Wherever your teams are based, keeping them connected is key in today’s climate. The Reaching for the Cure hybrid format is inclusive to employees working from any location nationwide. With the help of our fundraising platform and the PCRF Kids Mobile App, employees can join fundraising challenges and track steps at their own pace or fitness level – the flexibility is endless.

4. The mission makes it great for business. 

PCRF has been on a mission to power cures that make it possible for all children facing childhood cancer to beat their disease and achieve their full potential.

This vision of a world with more survivors realizing happy, healthy, productive futures is something employees and clients are eager to support.

Reaching for the Cure Team in Action

Ware Malcomb is an award-winning international design firm headquartered in Irvine, California, that is, “all about [their] People.” Having participated in this event for a decade, the firm has embraced the Reaching for the Cure during these hybrid times, activating their offices throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Ruth Brajevich, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, shares with us how Ware Malcomb’s active and philanthropic legacy began and how it has positively affected team morale within the Ware Malcomb community.

Co-Captain Leslie Espiritu (left) and Team Captain Ruth Brajevich (right)

 “Ware Malcomb has a rich 30+ year history of engagement in our local communities and worthy charities, like PCRF. In 2012 inspired to want to make a difference after my own personal battle with cancer, we launched WM Active, a now companywide program that supports and encourages our team members to become active in health, fitness, community, and philanthropy through participation in events like Reaching for the Cure across our 24 offices.

We have seen how active participation provides opportunities for our team members to develop new relationships and build connectedness at WM. We believe in providing opportunities for our team members to actively participate in events that help others in our community.”

Ready to include charity in your corporate team building plans this year? The Reaching for the Cure is a great way to get started! Contact us to learn more and take your team building to the next level.