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Jake the Recycling Hero

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Meet Jake the Recycling Hero

When individuals advocate to support lifesaving research, every donation or effort, both big and small, makes a world of difference in saving lives. At PCRF, we believe one person can truly make a big difference. No matter your age or the means you take to support PCRF, you are empowering hope. Every dollar and penny counts towards the mission to keep pediatric cancer research moving forward.

Meet Jake the Recycling Hero. Not only is he passionate about saving the environment, but he is also doing his part in saving the lives of children battling cancer at the same time!

Jake is a 4-year-old with a big heart and a passion to make a difference. With the help of his parents, Jake has become the community “Recycling Hero” by starting his own recycling business that gives back!

Jake’s passion for recycling started when he was just 18 months old after being infatuated with all things garbage trucks. Every Wednesday he and his family would follow garbage trucks around the neighborhood. They would even help clean up the trash on their own. Soon, this infatuation turned into a love for recycling and helping the environment. After local neighbors joined in and started to drop off their cans, bottles, and other recyclables to Jake, his family decided to create three piggy banks for his earnings – Spend, Save and Give. His parents wanted him to learn how to save money, spend money, and most importantly to give money.

Jake’s recycling journey is just getting started. He hopes to help the environment while donating money to charities in need for many years to come. When his parents asked him what kind of charity he wanted to give to, he said he wanted to help sick people. They chose to support the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) – a nonprofit in Irvine, CA that identifies and invests in leading-edge pediatric cancer research that promises the best hope for a cure for childhood cancer. They learned about PCRF through one of Jake’s recycling customers and knew making a difference and saving the lives of other kids Jake’s age was important.

Fun fact – Jake’s 4th birthday party was at the local Recycling Center and in lieu of presents, guests brought recyclables instead!

Jake will certainly pave the way and inspire many others with his giving heart and his passion to change the world one recyclable at a time. Follow all of Jake’s recycling and giving adventures on his Instagram page, @jaketherecyclinghero.