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7-Year-Old Cancer Warrior Raises $30K for Research

Lynden smiling

Photo courtesy of Lynden’s mom, Amanda.

Meet Lynden, a 7-year-old with a big heart and an even bigger desire to make a difference for kids fighting cancer. Not only is Lynden passionate about helping others, but she is also fighting cancer herself. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Her family’s world was turned upside down. Even with her cancer diagnosis, she chooses to remain a happy, vibrant and brave 7-year-old.

A year before Lynden was diagnosed she cut off her hair and donated it to kids with cancer. This was her idea after seeing a girl on TV without hair. She wanted to help. The day after she was diagnosed, she asked her mom if she could start putting money in the change box at McDonald’s to help kids with cancer. In her moment of finding out she had this horrible disease she immediately wanted to help others suffering from the same thing. Then she and her family started brainstorming ways she could raise money to donate to kids with cancer. She decided to make bracelets and donate the proceeds to an organization that helps other kids like her. She chose the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation – a nonprofit in Irvine, CA that identifies and invests in leading-edge pediatric cancer research that promises the best hope for a cure for childhood cancer.

They thought they would only sell about 25 to some family members, but it just took off. In exactly one month, Lynden sold hundreds of bracelets and raised over $10,000 for pediatric cancer research! She now calls her bracelets, “Lynden’s Lotus”; named after the lotus flower charms included on each unique bracelet. They chose the Lotus flower because it represents life and overcoming hardships.

Amanda, Lynden’s mother, said, “We have had so much help from friends and family and neighbors and even strangers; purchasing supplies, making bracelets, packaging them up, mailing them and spreading the word. It’s been such an amazing experience and we are so happy we feel like we could be making a difference, not just raising the funds but helping to spread awareness!”Lynden Bracelets

Since then, Lynden and her family have been relentlessly advocating during September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – because they know firsthand the importance of finding a cure and better treatments. While fighting stage III cancer, Lynden and her family have hosted a lemonade stand, a dinner party, and a virtual silent auction. Through the power of community and social media, Lynden’s story has touched the lives of so many in a short time. Lynden is just getting started, but she now has raised almost $30,000 – all in the name of pediatric cancer research.

Order a Lynden’s Lotus bracelet today and help support leading-edge research.