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Another Inside Look at PCRF Scholarship Winners

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Editor’s Note: In part one, we introduced PCRF Scholarship winners Saylor, Robbie, and Allen. In part two, meet Amirta, Bryce, and Jonah.

For the third year, the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is proud to support the educational pursuits of pediatric cancer survivors with our annual PCRF scholarship program! This year, we awarded 39 scholarships in the amount of $40,000.

There are about 420,000 childhood cancer survivors in the United States today. Surviving cancer isn’t the end of a cancer warrior’s journey. There are still many challenges and potential late effects of their treatment including cognitive and developmental delay, immune system challenges, PTSD, and chronic health conditions. Another harsh reality is, childhood cancer survivors are four times more likely to have difficulty maintaining full-time employment as compared to children who did not face malignant or life threatening disease (Hewitt, Weiner, Simone 2003). Through these scholarships, PCRF is providing a tangible means of support to the long-term quality of life for childhood cancer survivors. Our hope is to actively contribute to the long-term care of cancer survivors, giving them tools to succeed in their community and adult lives. The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is incredibly proud to be a part of supporting extraordinary young people in their next steps to success.

It’s important to note a consistent similarity among childhood cancer survivors – although cancer has played a role in their journey, they don’t let it define them.

We’d like to introduce you to three of our 2019 PCRF Scholarship Winners. Meet Amirta, Bryce, and Jonah!

Amirta PCRF Scholarship Winner

Amirta, Age 18, High School Senior

Diagnosed at age 3 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), in remission

Majoring in Classical Studies/Linguistics

“Reading got me through every blood test, MRI, and CAT scan in the hospital. Even though I felt like vomiting daily while undergoing ALL treatment (and my hair fell out), I know my books would always be there when I felt better. Having cancer is part of my background; without it, I might never have fostered a love for literacy and language.”

Bryce PCRF Scholarship WinnerBryce, Age 18, High School Senior

Diagnosed at age 8 with Osteosarcoma, cancer-free

Majoring in Film

“Through the children’s hospitals, the oncology clinic, and other local organizations I advocate and share my journey with others to give them an idea of what kids with cancer may go through along their journey. I do not let cancer and amputation define me, but it is and will always be part of what molded me.”

Jonah PCRF Scholarship WinnerJonah, Age 17, High School Senior

Diagnosed at age 2 with Wilms Tumor, in remission

Majoring in Biology/Pre-Med

“Quite simply, my encounter with cancer showed me just how fragile life is. I look forward to majoring in biology as the first step on my path to becoming an orthopedic surgeon.”

You have the power to help kids, like Amirta, Bryce and Jonah, become cancer-free and live a healthy life beyond their diagnosis. Now is the time to become a vital part of advancing pediatric cancer research.