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Fountain Valley School District Goes Gold for Kids Fighting Cancer

Fountain Valley School District Goes Gold 

On February 15th, 2019, classrooms and campuses were blanketed with gold attire all throughout the Fountain Valley School District. Students, parents, teachers, faculty and staff participated in a district-wide “Go Gold Day” in honor of International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Everyone was encouraged to donate $1 and wear gold to spread awareness and take action for kids battling cancer.Fountain Valley School District Go Gold Day

Kids Helping Kids

Pediatric cancer hits close to home for Fountain Valley School District. This special awareness and fundraiser day was inspired and put into motion by Jackie Kap, an advocate parent and cancer mom whose son, Nico, is an Osteosarcoma survivor. Nico’s buddy, Carter was another student within the district whom he shared something in common with – cancer. Carter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) right before his fifth birthday. He underwent chemotherapy treatment for 21 months, then found out that he had relapsed. In October of 2017, Carter passed away.  Today his presence is strongly felt through the community spirit and dedication to making sure that treatments and protocols can continue to advance so that no more families have to face this horrible reality.

“I didn’t get to meet Carter, but one is too many,” said Dr. Gerald Gargus Director of Educational Services for Fountain Valley School District.

The support was overwhelming. The entire community showed support for families facing pediatric cancer.  Classrooms across the Fountain Valley School District were shining the light of “Go Gold Day.” Kids in gold shirts, classrooms decorated, everyone’s awareness was raised on this day. The District Office, Maintenance, Operations and Transportation departments all stepped up to make a difference too! All donations collected during this awareness day were donated to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation to fund lifesaving research. It was a true community effort. Over $6,300 was raised! Everyone gave a little, which added up to a lot! When a community joins together, their impact is tremendous. Every dollar and penny counts towards the mission to keep pediatric cancer research moving forward.

Go Gold Day
Photo submitted by J. Ankeny

There are so many ways you can join in and make a difference in you school, office or community. You too can help us fight cancer with research.