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Power of One: Meet Cody Lesko

Meet Cody Lesko, a second-year community college Honors student at Saddleback College who is passionate about making a difference and giving back. Cody took it upon himself to create his own unique way to make a difference – with donuts and coffee! He started “Lesko on a Mission to Cure Childhood Cancer” and held his first DIY Fundraiser Coffee and Doughnuts Stand this past February with one goal in mind – to cure pediatric cancer.

Cody Lesko

Cody is a true example of the Power of One. The Power of One – meaning never underestimate the power of what you, one person, can do. This idea that one person can make a difference in the world isn’t just a saying, it’s a proven fact.

When asked what inspired him to get involved with PCRF, Cody said, “my awareness of the unfortunate effects that pediatric cancer inflicts on many families and children plagued my heart and sparked my desire to create a fundraiser that would bring people together for a common cause: ending childhood cancer.”

Cody also has a deep passion for helping others. He hopes to one day turn this passion into action as a medical practitioner.

Cody Lesko

He has raised over $700 for pediatric cancer research just by setting up his coffee and donut stands around his community. “I am looking forward to continuing to raise money for such an awesome foundation and cause”, Cody stated.


PCRF is proud to know this Power of One who is changing the world one donut stand at a time. We encourage you to start your own fundraising campaign so you too can be part of the solution. Whatever your fundraising idea is, you can help! To learn more or to make a donation to Cody Lesko’s fundraising campaign, visit:

Thank you for making a difference and empowering hope!