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Once in your Heart, Always in your Heart: Megan


Remembering Megan

In part two of our Valentine’s Day blog series, we are honoring Megan. She was a vibrant young woman that could light up the entire room with her smile. She was so full of compassion and always doing everything she could to help others. She was diagnosed with Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors (MPNST) in the Fall of 2008. Megan was in remission, but then relapsed and passed away shortly after graduating high school. “Megan’s Angel’s” has been participating in our Reaching for the Cure event for the past 9 years to help raise awareness and fund lifesaving research so other families won’t have to experience what they did.

Below is a poem that Megan’s family wrote in her memory:

“How much you would mean to me now, I didn’t know from the start.
Once in my heart, always in my heart.

Before anyone knew it, you, Chad, and Kelsey couldn’t be torn apart.
Once in our hearts, always in our hearts.

Next thing I know you are all teenagers, carefree and smart.
Once in my heart, always in my heart.

Fall of 2008 your diagnosis tore us apart.
Once in our hearts, always in our hearts.

So once a year, our team gathers in your name at the start.
Once our hearts, now in everyone’s heart.”

Join us as we work toward a tomorrow where all children are able to pursue their full measure of happiness without the burden of cancer. Your gift powers hope.