b'DEAR FRIENDS,When the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation was established, we made a commitment to fund pioneers whose research pushed the boundaries of pediatric oncology. Ever since then, we have been single-minded about ensuring that every grant we fund accelerates innovation and maximizes scientific discovery for the current generation of kids facing cancer.Even as Covid rocked our world in 2021, our commitment remained rock solid. When things felt bleak, incredible supportersin the forms of donors, families and researchershad our back. They inspired us to press on and motivated us to dig deeper and aim even higher.That experience taught us one critical lesson: nothing will get in our way. We realized that not only are we undaunted by obstacles, we are unwavering in our commitment, and simply unstoppable.It is not surprising then, that during 2021 we:Laid the groundwork for our new brand identity (including a new logo, messaging and web site) Invested in professionals to expand our corporate alliances and partnershipsEntered into new collaborations to expand our fundraising muscle and ignite new research possibilitiesReceived the most exciting research grant requests ever, demonstrating the potential that is unleashed byinvesting in innovative scienceWe are better positioned than ever before, and more determined, too.Thanks to our amazing community of supporters, whose commitment to powering curesis as steadfast as our own, we stand taller, stronger and ready to meet the coming year head on. Together, we will change the world of pediatric cancer and make it possible for all children facing cancer to spread their wings and soar. Yours,Jeri WilsonExecutive Director 5'