b'$ 2 , 8 2 1 , 9 5 6 R A I S E DSTATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITIONWHERE OUR DOLLARS 202120202019 WENT IN 2021G&A ExpensesASSETS $135,4444%Current Assets Fundraising$571,97319%Cash and investments $3,125,675 $2,982,807$2,848,231 Receivables161,43239,662141,286 Prepaid expenses 89,742 99,732 23,483 Total Current Assets 3,376,8493,122,201 3,013,000Pediatric Cancer Research$2,358,704 77%Property and Other Assets250,55811,80327,020 TOTAL ASSETS$3,627,407$3,134,004$3,040,020 Because of the challenging fundraising environment LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS created b y the pandemic, we generated 23 percentless revenue in 2021 as compared to 2020. We were able to honor all grant commitments with 2021 Current Liabilities revenue and tapped reserves to invest in additional research. Our fundraising and administration Accounts payable$68,072$25,199 $53,326expenses included one-time charges for new Grants Payable 895,784295,571696,689branding and strategic investments in digital marketing, software and staffing to improve our Deferred Revenue46,58335,03433,570competitiveness and revenue generation.PPP Loan Advance 82,933 Total Current Liabilities1,093,372355,804 783,585RESERVES BALANCE$2,415,332 $2,778,200 $2.534.035NET ASSETS $2,349,931 $2,256,435Unrestricted net assets2,534,0352,778,200 2,256,435 $1,988,294TOTAL LIABILITIES& NET ASSETS $3,627,407 $3,134,004$3,040,020201620172018201920202021 19'