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Total Raised
116% Raised of $3,500.00 Goal

Team Roster

  1. Ken Reid $0.00
  2. Josiah Lilly $0.00
  3. Fabian Amaya $0.00
  4. Melissa Lutz $0.00
  5. William Leyhe $25.00
  6. Tony Peavey $0.00
  7. Kenneth Reid $0.00
  8. Kerri Reid $0.00
  9. Katie Garand $0.00
  10. Morgan Garand $500.00
  11. Greg Garand $0.00
  12. Steve Wilkes $0.00
  13. Jenny Wilkes $0.00
  14. Aaron Brown $0.00
  15. Neal Tyner $0.00
  16. Mike Thrush $0.00
  17. Mike Thrush $0.00
  18. Nathan Boroff $1,750.00
  19. Cameron Munson $1,000.00

Team Andi by Orange Aluminum

Why Team Andi: 

\"Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is an amazing charity that helped Andi when she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma 3 years ago come this April.  If you have met Andi, you know how special she is and how lucky we all are that we have this Angel in our lives.  I am truly blessed how things have turned out and am so thankful for PCRF\'s continued support.  They personally have shown interest in Andi\'s progress and ensure every day that we get the best care for her possible.  I don\'t know where we would be without them.\"

-Nate Boroff

Why PCRF Matters to Orange Aluminum:

It’s that time for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundations Reaching for the Cure. PCRF funds cutting edge research, education and lifesaving advancements for children with cancer.

With the fact that 1 in every 285 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they are 20 years old, it is very likely that, if not ourselves, than someone we know will be faced with the challenging and courageous battle with childhood cancer. This math on a worldwide spectrum, breaks out to a rate of roughly 700 kids per day being told that they have cancer.  Childhood cancer research is vastly underfunded with receiving only 4% of the annual budget from the National Cancer Institute, and for this Orange Aluminum is committed to moving that number of research dollars up, and children being diagnosed with cancer down.

Orange Aluminum is the sponsor for the 5K run, but you can join any race you would like.

After the event we will be hosting an afterparty at Puesto in Irvine, make sure to note the address since there are 2 Puestos in Irvine:

8577 Irvine Center Dr,
Irvine, CA

We have a tent, that will be occupied by ‘Iconic Protein’, but this will be our home base where we can leave bags or items.


Location: Irvine City College at 5500 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618
Half Marathon is at 7am
5k Run is 7:15am - The Orange Aluminum Sponsored Race
10k is at 7:45am
5k walk is at 9:30am
1k kids is at 11:30am

Join us and Help Us Support Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation!