Dr. Anshu Malhotra – Emerging Research Grant

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PCRF is proud to fund the thoughtful and dedicated research of Dr. Anshu Malhotra of Emory University. Dr Malhotra studies the role of mitochondria in Medulloblastoma, which is the most common solid tumor of the cerebellum in children. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments offer a 70% cure rate, but often leave the survivors with long-term side effects that severely impact their quality of life post-treatment. Moreover, tumor recurrence is fatal.  Dr Malhotra had previously shown that mitochondria play important roles in helping MB cells grow. She is now studying the role of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in medulloblastoma. Mitochondria inside a tumor cell produce more than normal amounts of ROS, which lead to abnormal mitochondrial function, promote proliferation of tumor cells and also encourage resistance in tumor cells to radiation therapy. She will therefore, be dissecting the mechanisms for ROS inhibition, so that mitochondrial health can be restored, leading to lower doses of radiation requirement. Dr Malhotra’s study suggests a novel treatment paradigm for medulloblastoma therapy.