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Dr. Kris Ann Schultz
Translational Research Grant
– Pleuropulmonary Blastoma

Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota

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Dr. Kris Ann Schultz of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is thrilled to research new therapies and options for Pleuropulmonary blastoma or PPB, the most common lung tumor of infancy and early childhood.

“Kids under age 7 are the most likely to be affected. Previous studies have shown that PPB starts as a cyst in the lungs but can progress to an aggressive sarcoma requiring intensive chemotherapy and radiation. Despite intensive therapy, Type III has a cure rate of only 53%. Thus novel therapies are urgently needed for these children. The International PPB Registry collects information on these rare tumors from children and families all over the world and shares that information with treating physicians and families.

Through this collaborative research, we’ve discovered that PPB is linked to a range of other tumors in children and adults through changes in a gene called DICER1. New research about the function of DICER1 has paved the way for targeted therapy. Children and families with PPB and DICER1 related tumors have donated tumor specimens to be used in research to develop these new treatments. In this research funded by the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, we will test a series of conventional, novel and holistic therapies against these tumor cells to see what therapies are most promising in the lab. We then hope to translate this into new treatment regimens for children with PPB and other DICER1 related conditions such as ovarian tumors, kidney tumors, thyroid tumors, and certain childhood brain tumors.

I am grateful to all those who have contributed to this research including Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, our collaborators and the children and their families who contribute to and continue to inspire this research. Thank you,” Dr. Schultz.

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Some people say that children make up 10% of our cancer population, but they are 100% of our future! ~ Dr. Alex Huang, Case Western