Host Your Own

Join us this September for our 4th Annual Dine & Donate month!

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time for community to join together to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

You can support a great cause in the comfort of your own home with a Host Your Own Dine & Donate anytime throughout the month of September. Click the Host Your Own Button below to learn more information.

Dine & Donate


  1. Send an evite to your friends and family letting them know you are having a lunch or dinner to support PCRF.
  2. Instead of bringing food or wine, simply request they make a donation to PCRF. You can create your own donation page by clicking on the box below.
  3. Enjoy your meal knowing that you have helped make a difference in the life of a child fighting cancer.


I am so overwhelmed by the love and support from so many of you.

60% of children who survive cancer suffer late effects – heart failure, secondary cancers, and infertility due to lack of funding for improved treatment plans. Because of your donation, one more child may have a fighting chance. One more child may have access to a new treatment that will have minimal impact on quality of life. One more child may survive.

Together we can do so much. From parents of a survivor, thank you. We are so grateful.

– Erika Nehnevajsa


    • Make it personal – share your story and why finding a cure is important to you.
    • Make it specific – request a specific amount and aim high $50 = one hour of research.
    • Make it clear – 100% of your donations funds vital research at top institutions across the nation.
    • Make it easy – email or text a link to your donation page to family and friends.
    • Make it visible – share photos on social media and be sure to tag #pcrfkids

    • PCRF is happy to send a kit in a jar to get your party started! Just sign up for a donation page and we will get it out by USPS asap! If you would like assistance with ideas or supplies please contact our office (949)859-6312.