Our New Look

We are thrilled to unveil a brand new identity to underscore our mission of transforming pediatric cancer care by funding novel research to accelerate scientific breakthroughs. Whether you have followed us for the past forty years or are just discovering us, we are grateful for the opportunity to (re) introduce ourselves.

New Logo

Our new logo communicates our purpose of funding research to accelerate breakthroughs and transform pediatric cancer care. Here is the significance of the individual elements.

Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation - Powering Cures, Realizing Futures

The butterfly invokes the metamorphosis we help achieve for children with cancer. Transforming
scientific insights into new treatments makes it possible for kids with cancer to be freed of their disease so their lives can take flight

The font communicates innovation.

The beaker conveys our commitment to advancing scientific progress via research.


This inspiring motto captures our values and our motivation.

When combined, the colors of the molecules and butterfly capture our focus on youth. Separately, they represent the colors of childhood cancer, of stability and of optimism.

Why Did we Rebrand?

Our focus has always been on improving the lives of children with cancer by funding promising research.  With our 40th anniversary approaching, we began reflecting on where we have been and where we need to go to realize the mission of our organization. The impact of the past 18-months’ economic challenges underscored the critical role we play and reinforced the urgency with which we need to increase investment in research.  That is when we identified the opportunity to refresh our identity to underscore our purpose, to elevate our focus on innovation, and to unlock the funds we need to drive research momentum and scientific discovery.  While our old logo successfully conveyed youthfulness and hope, we saw the need now to say more – to communicate discovery, determination and change, too.

With those objectives in mind, we updated our logo and adopted a motto that underscores the impact of research on medicine and on real human lives.

What's New?

A modernized logo anchors our rebrand, boldly representing our purpose and the metamorphosis we help create.  We see this metamorphosis both scientifically, as knowledge yields better cures and care and personally, as kids with cancer are able to grow up and emerge healthy, happy, productive adults.  The new logo features a beaker to emphasize our commitment to advancing scientific innovation. It also features a butterfly to represent both our pediatric focus and to symbolize the impact of the research we fund. Presented together, this new logo visually conveys how the Foundation “gives flight” to breakthroughs that help transform pediatric cancer care, enabling childhood cancer patients to spread their wings and soar.

Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation - Powering Cures, Realizing Futures

Powering Cures, Realizing Futures

We believe our new motto really says it all.  It explains how investing in research not only saves lives, but also helps ensure that childhood cancer survivors realize their full potential long into the future. Get ready to see our motto often. We expect to feature it in as much of our communications as possible since it will help folks to become more aware of what we do as our awareness grows.

Change a Life Today

Some people say that children make up 10% of our cancer population, but they are 100% of our future! ~ Dr. Alex Huang, Case Western