Letter from the Executive Director

Jeri Wilson, Executive Director

This year, PCRF has been acutely aware of the power of one – one fundraiser, one inspirational child, one company, one researcher. Each using what they have to make a difference in the lives of children fighting cancer across the United States. When the efforts of one are coupled with the efforts of another and another, we become a force that transforms the world of pediatric cancer into one of Hope. Hope that every child diagnosed with cancer can have a full and healthy life.

Sometimes these forces come in small packages, like Analise who at four years old is celebrating a second year of being cancer free! Or the power of a 14 year old who raised $40,000 dollars for the UCLA Dribble for the Cure over the last six years. The difference can be a company like PowerStone Property Management who is utilizing their business network to be a top supporter for the Reaching for the Cure Ride and Run. The power of one can be a researcher who has a protocol to save lives but needs funds to advance that research beyond an idea. Each of these stories is fueled by a desire to give every child a future free from cancer and its effects.

A world without childhood cancer may seem like a distant possibility, but with the powerful force of people like you, who passionately believe in that vision, it can be accomplished. There are about 15,000 children diagnosed each year in the United States who hear the words, “You have cancer.” Thanks to advancements in research, there are more options for treatments and cures than ever before! PCRF dedicates its mission to funding research that improves the care, quality of life and survival rates of children with malignant disease.

Be one force in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Your Gift Powers Hope,

Jeri Wilson