Letter from the President

Liz McNulty photoElizabeth McNulty, Executive President

Taylor Anderson, LLP

Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation was a place that I found solace and a purpose when my nephew was first diagnosed with a Wilm’s Tumor at 11 months old.  From the peaceful awakening, I found a grass roots organization that provided direction and meaning to the fight against this horrible disease, PCRF. Since those early years I have been proud to be a part of an organization that has vastly expanded its impact on the pediatric research arena. After 9 years with the organization, I am honored to undertake the position as President of the Board of Directors to continue my personal efforts in the fight against childhood cancer.  Working in conjunction with a fantastic organization through research and funding, partnership and community and to expand the bandwidth of PCRF’s presence throughout the US, we can make strides toward ending this terrible disease in children.   My vision for PCRF is to continue the energetic path, expanding our footprint, exponentially increasing funding of groundbreaking research through community partnerships and fundraising and to continue our support of all those fighting the disease, the families of those who lost the fight and for those who have yet to pick up the sword.

The future looks bright!

Elizabeth McNulty