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Announcing “The 40 Forward Next-Gen Researcher Award”

It is no secret that pediatric cancer research is underfunded.  Now, resource limitations are jeopardizing the future work of many innovative pediatric cancer scientists.  Maintaining research momentum is vitally important to accelerating advancements that will improve the lives of children with cancer. 

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is seizing the moment and committing to the future by announcing a new award program for next-generation researchers called The 40 Forward Next-Gen Researcher Award

In the fourth quarter of 2022, PCRF will open the invitation-only submission process for The 40 Forward Next-Gen Researcher Award.  Invitees will be identified with input from Division Chiefs at top children’s hospitals and research institutions across the country and in collaboration with other PCRF advisors.  Award recipients will be named by the first quarter of 2023. 

If you are interested in leading with science, inspiring the next generation of scientific innovators, and paying tribute to the forward-thinkers who are driving progress in pediatric cancer research, we hope you will consider underwriting The 40 Forward Next-Gen Researcher Award.

You never know where the next discovery will come from. What we do know is that it all starts with research. 

Please get in touch with Jeri Wilson or Judy Grossman to find out how you can champion next-gen researchers and be a catalytic force in transforming pediatric cancer care.


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