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Meet Our Board of Directors: Jeffrey Akin

2018 Board of Directors – Meet Jeffrey Akin

As we begin 2018, we welcome more fearless leaders to our team – people who believe in our mission and a future without pediatric cancer. This year, we look toward making even more strides; funding researchers who continue the necessary work of finding cures and saving more lives than ever before.  We are excited to welcome a new member to our PCRF Board of Directors. Meet Jeffrey Akin, a cancer dad who knows firsthand the importance of funding research. We’re honored to share his story with you!

Jeffrey’s Story:Jeffrey Akin

“Nearly 4 years ago, my wife and I had our son Tony, who was born with cancer – we were so clueless, that when the doctor came in and told us he had a “mass”, we thought, “ok, can you take it out?”

As we learned over the ensuing weeks, cancer is nasty, messy, and doesn’t play by the rules. It doesn’t care how old or young its host is. It lives and grows and will take over, unless it is fought and killed, dead in its tracks.

With the help of a great many people from our community, my firm (EY), and numerous doctors from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as well as Children’s National in D.C., our son Tony has beaten cancer. Unfortunately, as we saw first-hand throughout his excruciating journey, many kids are not so fortunate.

This year, I was connected to a charity whose sole mission is funding pediatric cancer research across the United States. While great institutions like St. Jude provide kids with a place to go for their treatment of this terrible disease, many families cannot put their lives on hold while they seek treatment and a cure. PCRF funds research from Coast to Coast, in leading institutions like MD Anderson, Emory, and more. Through that involvement, I was asked to join their Board of Directors. This is an honor and a way to ‘give back’ to all those kids we saw up close in 2014.

My ask of you is a simple one. As you reflect on the gifts you have received, and consider what lies ahead of you in 2018, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Roughly 80% of all funds go directly to research. Many of the people involved donate their time (and treasure) – and we do this because we have been affected by this terrible disease, and in some cases, were not blessed with a happy ending.

We have cancer in kids in our sights and we can eradicate all versions of this terrible disease from the planet if we can stay aggressive in our research, which can come through the thoughtful donation of $10, $20, or $500…whatever you are able to give…from caring people like you. Thank you in advance for your consideration.”

The future of pediatric cancer research is bright. In 2018, we are looking forward to advances in research, more lives saved, and kids being kids. You can help make that dream possible – make a donation in honor of kids fighting cancer today.

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