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Lucas – Positively Awesome

Watch out Cancer – Lucas isn’t slowing down for you

Meet one of our most inspirational cancer warriors Lucas.  This young high schooler has no time to slow down for cancer.  In elementary school, Lucas was not feeling well and as only a mother knows – there was something more than a common illness to blame.  Lucas’s mother persisted and within hours of his diagnosis, he was being treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Their family gathered the troops which included his friends and family – even the four-legged ones and faced cancer head-on.  Never losing hope in one day fulfilling the dreams that so rapidly fill this special kid’s head.

Since being declared cancer-free, Lucas has done some amazing things.  He has run the Los Angeles Marathon.  He played high school football.  He advocates for pediatric cancer research.  This year, he has decided it is time to get out into the workforce and get a job at a local restaurant to finance the upgraded car of his dreams.  Lucas’s exemplary and positive outlook inspires all who come in contact with him which is why Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is so proud and fortunate to have him as an ambassador.

As an ambassador, Lucas has given presentations on behalf of Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation to further the message that cancer research is pivotal in making sure that all children have the futures they deserve. Research is what makes the day a child learns they have cancer not so scary. To know that there is a cure or treatment helps give that dark moment a little light. Not once has Lucas lost his desire to spread the word or give some light to a situation.  His gentle and humorous nature makes everyone in the room smile. The world is a better place because there was treatment available.  Help spread the word and continue to support pediatric cancer research.

Today, Lucas is healthy, thriving, and enjoying normal life going to college. We are so proud of Lucas and all of his accomplishments!

Hear it in his own words:

Make a Difference Today !

When you are young and healthy, it never occurs to you that in a single second your whole life could change. – Annette Funicello