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Becky Runs for Gold – Utah

Becky Runs for Gold

Last year, Becky Mudd advocated for pediatric cancer patients by spreading awareness and raising funds running across the state of California.  This year, she took on the great state of Utah!  Touching all five National Parks in southern Utah, Becky never gave up her passion and determination to spread the news that Pediatric cancer is severely underfunded.  Because of a lack of research investment, children are dying and that is not acceptable for this mother and grandmother.  After losing her mother and sister to cancer, Becky has vowed to fight until a cure is found.  To honor this great warrior, please contribute to her page today.

Becky uses her vacation time and funds to pay all of her expenses and utilizes like-minded and willing volunteers to support her.  Each day was approximately a marathon in distance with challenging conditions like extreme heat, heavy hills, and highway traffic.  Every difficulty was faced with a graceful smile and determined heart.  If the children can do it, then this warrior can do it.  Not one moment of consideration to give up on Becky’s part.  She is a true hero.

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