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Hello, My name is Kalyn, I am eighteen years old and I am a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer Survivor. I am a part of the Honors Chamber’s Choir, National Honor Art Society, and AP Studio Art 3D. Expressing myself through the arts was what I loved to do but because of my diagnosis last year I was unable to do those things. I was ill even before my diagnosis but after a battery of tests my doctors did to try and find any other conclusion, besides cancer, I was soon given the distressing news of my severe diagnosis of having Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage three. Fifty years ago, Hodgkin’s was a death sentence. I would not have been able to even graduate high school but because of donations given to research foundations such as the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation I get to walk at graduation and attend College next fall. Thank You for donating to such a great cause because with those donations you have helped make cancer a word, not a sentence.

-Kalyn 🙂

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