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At the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF), we are keeping focused on our ultimate mission of curing childhood cancer. While we are reinventing how we raise funds, we remain deeply committed to pushing pediatric cancer research forward because it is just as essential today as ever.

You are invited to join a team of cure seekers in supporting The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation on a monthly basis. Let your care become action. PCRF is committed to finding and funding the most leading-edge research to end childhood cancer. With the continued support of dedicated Gold Ribbon Society Members, we can ensure that the research will continue until every child has the opportunity to hear the words, “But we have a cure!”

To be a member of the Gold Ribbon Society, you can simply sign up to make a monthly gift. For any commitment to $60 or more a year you will receive a t-shirt identifying you as a Gold Ribbon Society member and if you commit to $250 or more a year, you will receive a PCRF pin.

Mission Focused

Fund research to power cures that reduce the percentage of children who perish from cancer until that number reaches zero.

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Gold Ribbon Society Members

  • Liliana Saldivar
  • Brian Merrill
  • Christina LaPointe
  • Peter Nehnevajsa
  • Wayne Lacey
  • Joungmin Sur
  • Christine Farwell
  • Arlene Micholas
  • Patricia Atallah
  • Brenden Duhig Pilcher
  • Edward Pease
  • Primo Gallanosa
  • Eric Vasquez
  • John Foglio
  • Nick Castro
  • Emily Tatum
  • Karla Martinez
  • Shane Reiss
  • Bobbie Leach
  • Young Kyung Ha
  • Jeff Krause
  • Cassie Arrington
  • Serena Sandino
  • Cheryl Martin
  • Jae Ha
  • Linda Barnes
  • Juanita Rios
  • Joshua White
  • Toni Baril
  • Jason Fowlds
  • Jeri Wilson
  • Joanne Lopez
  • Holden Westland
  • Sheryl Takahashi
  • Bernard D La Grua
  • Katy Finch
  • Erin O’Flaherty
  • Cole Constantine
  • Clayton Renwick
  • Christopher Monge
  • Andrew Perea
  • Margaret McGory Moffit

Change a Life Today

Some people say that children make up 10% of our cancer population, but they are 100% of our future! ~ Dr. Alex Huang, Case Western